Top Leadership Conference Picks to Be Announced

Team East End Executives is high-powered and results-driven in general. Add in a chance to go on a travel adventure and that energy just explodes. Right now, our people are vying for a trip to Dallas, Texas to attend the Top Leaders Conference.

Darcie, East End Executives’ HR lead, said, “We are still deciding who to send but it’s going to be a close call because everyone in the office is really showing initiative.” As she explained, the selection process is based on hitting established targets that demonstrate individuals are ready for the next round of leadership training.

“These conferences are part of our ongoing professional development process,” she added. “While it’s certainly fun to attend one, the primary focus is providing associates who are in line to advance with more resources outside of our office environment. They’ll meet other top leaders as well as industry experts, all of whom are excellent connections to make.”

In addition to networking, each person attending will participate in workshops and other events in which they’ll learn more about how to create outreach campaigns, work with telecommunication partners, and build their own teams. “Basically, they’re exposed to the industry as a whole, so all the pieces of what they’ve been doing here in the East End Executives office start to connect with the overall view and how they fit in the larger scale.”

“I love that our company provides travel and networking opportunities like this,” Darcie concluded. “There is so much anyone can learn personally and professionally from one of these trips.” Follow us on Twitter for highlights from this event and more.