Team Spotlight: Darya and TJ

There’s no shortage of top-notch people in our East End Executives office, which is why we love to recognize our talented associates who make success happen here on a daily basis. Two of our rising stars are Darya and TJ, who are defining what excellence means as they progress their careers with us.

Darcie, East End Executives’ HR lead, noted: “We are training Darya and TJ to become managers and we already see so much promise in them. They always perform based on the position they want versus the position that they are in. They are very responsible members of the team and we love working with them!” What’s more, Darya and TJ are examples of what happens when a firm has a solid learning environment and advancement track like ours:

• Knowledge Stays In-House: Due to the fact that our managers coach our newest people, we know they’re getting the right information and seeing the best practices we want them to follow.

• People Are Motivated: When people realize there’s a clear direction in which they can follow with their careers, it’s the strongest incentive they can have to work their hardest and achieve goals.

• Everyone Benefits: A happy, well-trained team is a productive one. When everyone not only knows what they need to do, but how they need to do it, they’re more apt to contribute and collaborate effectively.

Darya and TJ are just two examples of why our East End Executives program breeds success. Check out our Newswire for more team member highlights.