How We Maximize Team Travel Events

Members of Team East End Executives are inquisitive and eager to explore new places. That’s why we enjoy our team travel incentives so much. We get chances to attend national conferences, tropical retreats, and regional trainings as recognition for our commitment and hard work.

Some of the best outcomes of our team excursions are the stronger bonds they create. We get to know each other better on a personal level when we go beyond our comfort zones together. As we interact with top performers and learn from accomplished leaders at industry functions, we come to appreciate our unique talents and positive traits as well.

We make the most of every conference, seminar, and networking event we attend by managing our time in strategic ways. Before any gathering gets underway, we study the itinerary to make sure we know when and where the most helpful sessions and speeches will take place. When we return to East End Executives HQ, we share what we’ve learned with our teammates.

As we add to our networks during our travel events, we’re sure to listen more than we talk. If we ask open-ended questions when we interact with potential contacts, we’re more likely to find common ground and build meaningful bonds.

We put these strategies to use to gain maximum value from our team excursions. Like East End Executives on Facebook for updates on our travel exploits.