Looking for the Right People to Help Us Grow

Demand for our consulting and marketing services continues to grow, which means East End Executives is hiring! We are looking for people with great attitudes who know the importance of consistent effort.

“Anyone who is willing to put in the work and is thirsty for success can achieve their goals with us,” stated Nick, President of East End Executives. “Our training system covers everything from business 101 skills to executive functioning, and we assign our new team members a coach from day one. This way they have a guide to help them as they work their way toward leadership positions with our firm. We want everyone to feel prepared to one day run a satellite office of their own, if that’s what they want to do.”

To make sure we’re on-boarding people who will thrive as part of our team, we follow some specific interview guidelines. For instance, while we appreciate speaking with applicants who have industry experience, we are more concerned with finding those who will do well in our workplace culture. We have a clearly defined company mission and corporate values that we stand by, and ideal candidates will easily embrace both.

There are several other strategies we use when interviewing potential team members, and our commitment to these techniques has helped us create an office atmosphere that supports and inspires success. Find out more about us and what it takes to join our company by liking East End Executives on Facebook.