We Create the Conditions That Encourage Success

Recruitment is one of our top East End Executives priorities. We always seek top-notch talent to join our team and consider how best to help them achieve their potential once they do. Recently, we’ve taken things up a level with a new program that is sure to create a surge of momentum in our organization.

Nick, East End Executives’ President, has been incorporating improvements into our onboarding and development processes. He has created a new hire training seminar that takes place every two weeks for novice associates. We think it’s a cool way to introduce new employees and make them feel welcomed, while allowing them to acclimate to their new positions.

It’s also a perfect time to showcase the perks of being part of our growing company. One of them is already apparent: the emphasis we put on training and development. Along with a warm welcome, we provide new executives one-to-one coaching throughout their career journeys, access to learning tools, and even attendance at national conferences. All of these practices ensure that our people have access to the resources they need to reach their professional goals.

We’ll discuss other advantages in detail as well, such as our team-centric culture and internal promotions. To learn more about the information we share during our new hire seminars, check out our East End Executives Newswire feed for all the details.